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Let's Read: There's Magic in Children's Books

Here at A Child's Palace we read to children everyday, often 3-4 times per day. We get children to enjoy story time by changing our voice and making the story exciting and interesting. We talk about the illustrations, we ask questions to promote curiosity, and we allow the children to share their ideas about the story. Reading to children helps them learn about the world around them and also about themselves. There's magic in every story.

Reading to your child at bedtime has many advantages, for both you and the child. A regular nightly routine that consists of a bedtime story before sleeping has a relaxing effect. The soothing voice of you reading the story often allows for a calm atmosphere in which your child can fall asleep more easily. The emotional aspect creates a bond between you and your child. Bedtime stories can be read from a book, or may be invented by you. There's magic there whether you read a story or invent it. Make it come alive.

~The Modern Day Mommy

Books to Read Before Bedtime

Some of Our Favorite Books to Read Here at A Child's Palace

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