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Welcome to A Child’s Palace In Home School and Child Care website. A Child’s Palace (ACP) is a state licensed facility that began providing child care services to Long Beach residents and surrounding communities in 2003. We provide a cozy family-like learning atmosphere in our 6 bedroom/3 bath home where children are encouraged to explore and ask questions. Our facility has new paint, construction, furniture, toys and equipment; all to make our facility run like a professional business, but also like a family home. I am extremely proud of the reputation that we have built for our childcare school and I look forward to continuing serving the community for years to come. Thank you for  visiting ACP’s website. I hope you find the information valuable and beneficial. Please call and schedule an appointment to see our facility and learn more about our program and what we have to offer.

About Our School

We provide child care services in a relaxed environment where children are allowed to be children and families are always a priority. Our program offers small group sizes with a low child to teacher ratio that allows the teacher to develop a bond with each child. We incorporate activities that promote letters, numbers, shapes and color recognition, beginning writing, and math concepts. Spanish is taught as an integral part of the curriculum and is used frequently when conversing with children throughout the day. 


Our program will help your child develop new skills while having fun at the same time. You will see natural development in all our children while they explore and learn about the world around them. The Los Angeles Steps To Excellence Program found our program to be an above average child care facility and granted us an advance rating. 

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A Child’s Palace mission is to instill in children a lifelong love for learning by providing age appropriate learning material in a nurturing environment while adhering to the cultural differences of each family.



The staff of A Child’s Palace believes in providing an environment rich in material to explore, manipulate, and talk about. Children are encouraged to question, to experiment, to think, and to reason.


-To provide a nurturing environment to children with a focus on recognizing the individual needs of each child

-To provide a variety of learning and recreational activities in a safe and loving environment

-To provide opportunities for children to grow and develop through activities that are stimulating, age appropriate and safe

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